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How Did You Start Knitting?

For me, it was college and all thanks to a friend we’ll call C. She learned from a friend and I can’t for the life of me remember how I came around to asking her to teach me. What I do remember is being presented with needles and yarn during our Secret Santa. I vaguely remember struggling with the cast on, dealing with tight tension on metal needles, and accidentally playing yarn chicken because I wanted my purple scarf to be as long as possible. I had no idea what a cast off

Favorite Bases

Chunky, lace, fingering, DK… We all seem to have a yarn weight we gravitate towards. For me, it’s fingering. Maybe because I’m in the southern US and I get hot easily but anything heavier requires midwinter weather or a serious AC bill. I like the fabric fingering creates. I like the drape. The way a large shawl feels just enough like a weighted blanket without requiring weight training. Plus a larger yardage per skein doesn’t hurt. What about you? What do you find winding th

The First Sweater

The start of a whole new journey. Excitement. Trepidation. A sense of “What the hell am I doing?” I had an idea for my first. A pattern that I picked out from a magazine. I had read through the directions, trying to make sense of it in my head. The construction, the sizing, all of it. With false confidence I walked into La Bien Aimee, thinking I needed to pretend like I knew what I was doing. That fascade quickly dissipated. That’s when Aimee suggested the Comfort Fade Cardi.

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